Auto Salvage and the Environment

When you think of sustainability, junk yards are probably not the first thing to pop into your head. However, environmentally conscious Cincinnati citizens will be happy to learn that auto salvage is a surprisingly eco-friendly practice. After all, auto salvage is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Auto salvage plays a huge role in reducing waste from scrap cars. Even vehicles that are no longer drivable usually have some usable parts that someone may want, or at the very least, can be put to good use as scrap metal. Every car that goes to an auto salvage yard to be reused and recycled is one fewer car in a landfill.

Keeping old vehicles out of landfills is an important function of auto salvage, as it helps cut down on potential pollution. Cars are full of chemicals like antifreeze, battery acid, and power steering fluid, all of which can be extremely harmful to the environment. Auto salvage yards are run by folks who know how to handle these chemicals properly, in a way that reduces contamination of the local water, soil, and air.

Auto salvage is a great source of recycled metal. The more metal we use from salvage yards, the less metal needs to be mined. Mining is notoriously bad for the environment, so the small part auto salvage plays in reducing the demand for new metal is just one more example of its eco-friendly nature.

At Lindale Auto Parts, we’re auto salvage experts. We run one of the largest salvage yards in Cincinnati, with more than 16 acres of vehicles and 2,250 square feet of warehouse space stocked with parts.

So, if you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to get rid of an old vehicle or purchase some replacement parts, and you care about sustainability, come on down to our auto salvage yard or check out our online inventory. To learn more, give us a call at (513) 657-1859 or send an email to