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Cost-effective Auto Parts and Services

At Lindale Auto Parts, we have serviced customers for over 30 years. For us, providing quality and cost-effective auto parts and service is the top priority. When buying used auto parts from us, you can expect higher quality, and we actually guarantee our parts for 90 days and have a 30-day return policy. There are even some extended warranty options available.

We also repair and service cars onsite when parts are purchased through us. Our ASE Certified technicians are well trained to provide high-quality service in the most efficient manner.

Auto Salvage

At Lindale Auto Parts, we know a thing or two about auto salvage. With more than 16 acres of cars from which to choose, we are far more than just a typical junkyard. We also have a 2,250 square foot warehouse stocked with parts. You can find parts for automotive repair, vehicle upgrades, and accessories. Search for your part by name, picture, or image online if that is more convenient for you. We offer customers an online search option that allows them to search through our massive inventory. You can expect to find the affordable parts you need, and we can have them shipped where you need them.

Salvage Yard

We are one of the largest salvage yards in Cincinnati. We service customers from around the entire state and across the U.S. Our inventory of parts is second to none, and we pride ourselves in providing the solution you need.

Lindale Auto Parts