Finding an ASE Certified Mechanic in Cincinnati – Frequently Asked Questions

When you take your car to a mechanic, you want someone qualified and who has plenty of on-the-job experience. If you use ASE-certified mechanics, you want to be sure that they have been vetted to the highest standards in the auto repair industry. Here are some of the most common questions asked about ASE certification:

What is ASE?

ASE stands for "Automotive Service Excellence", and is granted under the authority of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This institute has been in existence since 1972, and is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving automotive service and repair quality by certifying auto technicians.

What is an ASE Certified Mechanic?

An ASE certified mechanic must have either two years of hands-on experience, or one year of experience coupled with a two-year degree. Certification is granted under a particular emphasis of automotive work, as there are 40 separate ASE certifications. Certification is good for five years before the technician must pass recertification testing.

What Auto Shops Are Certified With ASE?

Look on the wall or in the waiting area for the blue ASE Certified seal. This tells you they have ASE certified technicians on site to take care of your needs.

How Many ASE Certified Technicians Are There?

The number continues to grow. According to the ASE website, there were 183,302 automotive technicians as of December 2018. Currently, there are now close to 300,000 Service professionals in the automotive industry who are ASE certified.

How Can I Find an ASE Certified Technician?

Contact a Cincinnati automotive service facility and ask if their mechanics are certified. You can also look at auto repair service websites. Make sure you see the blue seal of the ASE when you search for a service.

Where can I find an ASE Certified Mechanic?

When you come to Lindale Auto Parts, you are assured that ASE mechanics are working on your auto repair services. Call 513-797-6707 today for more information.