FAQ For Auto Repair Shop

What Services are available at your Auto Repair Shop?

Lindale Auto Parts offers a full-service auto repair shop, specializing in late model, foreign, domestic, and light-duty trucks. We utilize our 16 acres of high-quality auto parts to offer comprehensive repair services at exceptionally affordable rates.

Where Is The Nearest Auto Repair Shop?

Lindale Auto Parts is a long-trusted auto repair shop located in New Richmond, OH, serving Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Offering parts, services and repairs, we are an all-encompassing auto repair shop and salvage yard, dedicated to serving our customers with affordable, high-quality repair services.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Mechanical Repairs?

Your insurer may cover mechanical repair costs if your vehicle was involved in an accident, fire or natural disaster. However, most insurance companies will not provide coverage for routine maintenance or repairs caused by normal use.

Do Auto Repair Shops Charge for Estimates?

Typically, general diagnostic preliminary estimates are free of charge, and will allow the mechanic to take a general overview of your vehicle and analyze any typical problem areas. For a more comprehensive auto repair estimate, it may involve the mechanic going deeper into a section of the engine, and you may be charged a small fee for the labor.

What Does AAA Approved Auto Repair Mean?

Helping their customers find the best deals on quality auto repairs, AAA certified auto repair shops like Lindale Auto Parts undertake a stringent investigation to ensure quality and reliable repair services. Additionally, these shops can offer discounted rates to AAA members.

What Is the Average Hourly Labor Rate For Auto Repair?

Numerous factors such as shop location and the complexity of the job can determine the exact hourly rate you are quoted. At Lindale Auto Parts, our typical rate is $95/hr., with a discounted rate of $65/hr. for veterans. Rates are subject to change.