How to Shop for Car Parts Online

At Lindale Auto Parts, we have been one of Cincinnati’s largest full-service suppliers of auto parts. We are proud to have served the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area with inexpensive, quality car parts for more than three decades. We are committed to helping you find the auto parts you need, whether online, or in person at our New Richmond, Ohio location.

The best way to shop for car parts online is through our online venue. Our web store can help you locate the specific parts you need for your next repair project.

Our Car Parts Store

We specialize in stocking late model vehicles, which means 10 years old or newer and are available through our online store. From this fact alone, it is obvious that we retain virtually every part you may need for a vehicle. For instance, our inventory in New Richmond, Ohio includes body parts, taillights, low mileage transmissions, low mileage engines, drive trains, and much more. You can search for your car part by part name, make and model, and images are provided when possible. If you are unable to find what you need during your search, we can help you locate your part by whatever means necessary. If we don’t carry it, we can probably refer you to someone who does!

In addition to a 30-day return policy, our parts come with a 90-day quality guarantee. Be sure to ask us about extended warranties we offer, as well. Throughout the state of Ohio, we are known as the single source customers can depend on for reliable of used car parts. We also offer on-site vehicle servicing with mechanics who are ASE certified.

Our Auto Salvage Yard

With more than 2,250 square feet of warehouse space, as well as an extensive “junkyard”, we are able to help you find the parts you need for your vehicle. Our auto salvage operation in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area is exceptional. In addition to our 90 day guarantee, you can also return parts to us within 30 days.

Your Number One Source for Car Parts

We are ready to help you find the exact parts you need for the repair and service of your vehicle. Give us a call today at 513.797.6707, drop us a message through our contact form, or come visit us soon in New Richmond, Ohio!