Buying Used Truck Parts at a Salvage Yard

As the owner of a truck, you understand the importance of keeping your vehicle well-maintained and in good running condition. Your truck not only needs regular checks and maintenance, like all vehicles, it will eventually need replacement parts. On top of that if you purchase these parts in a regular auto parts store, you may pay much more than you actually need to pay. At Lindale Auto Parts, we understand the auto salvage business very well, offering over 16 acres of vehicles from which to choose at our salvage yard in New Richmond. We serve the greater Cincinnati, Ohio region.

Quality Auto Salvage Parts

Truck parts from a salvage yard are not only cheaper in terms of price, but from a quality yard you can usually find them in excellent working condition. At Lindale, we will not sell a part if we cannot vouch for its quality. You can often find salvaged parts at half the price of their brand-new counterparts, allowing you reap considerable savings in the parts you need for any repair or replacement job. Our online parts search option gives our customers the opportunity to search through our extensive inventory to find an affordable parts solution.

Huge Salvage Yard

Our salvage yard is one of the largest in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. We serve customers throughout the entire state and across the nation. We believe we have the best selection of truck parts you can find anywhere.

On top of our massive “junk yard”, we also retained 2,250 square feet of warehouse space. You are sure to find exactly what you need for your auto repair needs at our location. You can search online for your part by image or name. We offer a 90 day parts guarantee with a 30 day return policy. Also, be sure to ask us about our extended warranty plans.

Your Premier Source for Truck Parts

We are confident we can help our customers, including you, find the parts you need for the service and repair of your vehicle. Come visit our location in New Richmond, Ohio, give us a call today at 513.797.6707, or send us a message through our contact form.